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Our Standard Rebuild

Eastern Scientific provides rebuilding services for all major brands of scroll pumps. Each pump is completely disassembled and cleaned prior to evaluation. Once cleaned the unit is inspected for any damaged or worn parts. Our standard rebuild includes a tip seal kit, grease kit, seal kit, bearings, exhaust valve, and new o-rings.

If the crankshaft or any major components, such as a scroll or motor are damaged, the customer is notified and quoted in addition to the standard rebuild cost. Our rebuild carries a 90-day warranty against defects in parts and workmanship. Please call regarding our advanced exchange program for most scroll heads.

Scroll Pic

Models Serviced

Eastern Scientific services the following models:

  • Varian/Agilant – DS300, DS600, PTS0300, PTS0600, SH100, SH110
  • Edwards – ESDP30, 30A, ESDP12, GVSP30, XDS5, XDS10, XDS35i, nXDS Series
  • Anest-Iwata – ISP250, ISP500
  • Leybold – Scrollvac SC 5D, Scrollvac SC 15D





Contact Us for Pricing

Anest Iwata


Standard Minor Rebuild Prices
ModelISP-90CPrice $1,385
ModelISP-250Price $1,795
ModelISP-250CPrice $1,795
ModelISP-500Price $1,995
ModelISP-500CPrice $1,995



Minor Rebuild Prices
Model Price
Model ESDP12 Price $1,795
Model ESDP30 Price $1,995
Model GVSP30 Price $1,995
Model XDS 5, 5c Price $995
Model XDS 10, 10c Price $995
Model XDS 35i Price $1,395
Model nXDS Series Price $1,395
Model nXDS6iPrice $1,595
Model nXDS10iPrice $1,595
Model nXDS15iPrice $1,595
Model nXDS20iPrice $1,595

Standard minor rebuild prices




Minor Rebuild Prices
Model Price
Model SC5D Price$1,385
Model SC15D Price$1,695
Model SC30D Price$1,790




Minor Rebuild Prices
ModelDS300 Price $1,695
ModelDS600 Price $1,790
ModelIDP-2 Price $895
ModelIDP-3 Price $925
ModelIDP-7 Price $1,150
ModelIDP-10 Price $1,295
ModelIDP-15 Price $1,595
ModelTriScroll 300 Price $1,695
ModelTriScroll 600 Price $1,795
ModelSH-100 Price $995
ModelSH-110 Price $995

Contact the Experts for Pump Repair Details