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With over 3,000 pumps in stock at our facility in Hanover, MA we have a wide array of new and surplus vacuum equipment to meet our customers’ needs. We stock both dry pumps (diaphragm and scroll) and oil-based or wet pumps (PFPE and hydrocarbon-based). Surplus freeze dryers, blowers, and turbo pumps are also available.

Our large inventory also includes obsolete parts allowing us to repair all your legacy equipment.

All surplus rebuilt equipment operates to the manufacturer’s specifications and is backed by our 90-day warranty.

Prices are subject to change.


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Model2004A L/M90CFM3.2HP1/2Price $1,195
Model2005L/M107CFM3.8HP1/2Price $1,385
Model2008A L/M190CFM7HP1/2Price $1,595
Model2008AC L/M190CFM7HP1/2Price $1,885
Model2010L/M191CFM6.8HP1/2Price $1,685
Model2012A L/M310CFM11HP3/4Price $1,895
Model2012AC L/M310CFM11HP3/4Price $1,995
Model2015 SD L/M298CFM10.6HP3/4Price $1,795
Model2020A L/M45CFM16HP3/4Price $1,935
Model2021i, SD L/M411CFM14.6HP3/4Price $1,975
Model2033L/M765CFM27HP1 1/2Price $2,865
Model2033CL/M765CFM27HP1 1/2Price $3,785
Model2033CP L/M765CFM27HP1 1/2Price $3,785
Model2063L/M1420CFM50HP2Price $4,250
Model2063C L/M1420CFM50HP2Price $4,565
Model2100A L/M2547CFM50HP4 4/5Price $6,485


ModelRV3 L/M75CFM2.7HP1/2Price $1,995
ModelRV5 L/M117CFM4.1HP1/2Price $2,295
ModelRV8L/M195CFM6.9HP3/4Price $2,395
ModelRV12L/M283CFM10HP3/4Price $2,595
ModelE2M2 L/M57CFM2HP1/3Price $1,345
ModelE2M5 L/M113CFM4HP1/2Price $1,595
ModelE2M8 L/M190CFM6.7HP1/2Price $1,795
ModelE2M12 L/M289CFM10.2HP3/4Price $1,995
ModelE2M18 L/MCFM14.7HP3/4Price $2,650
ModelE2M28 L/MCFM21HP1 1/2Price $2,850
ModelE2M30 L/M650CFM21HP1 1/2Price $2,850
ModelE2M40 L/M845CFM30HP2Price $3,785
ModelE2M80 L/M1613CFM57HP3Price $4,465
ModelE2M175 L/MCFM214HP8.5Price $11,175
ModelE2M275 L/MCFM25011HPPrice
ModelE1M18 L/MCFM14.7HP3/4Price $2,250
ModelE1M40 L/MCFMHPPrice
ModelE1M80 L/MCFMHPPrice
ModelE1M175 L/MCFMHPPrice $11,175
ModelE1M275 L/M5985CFM210HP11Price $12,995

Hyvac Logo

Model L/M CFM HP Price
Model HyVac 2 L/M 25CFM 0.9HP 1/3Price $1,195
Model HyVac 6L/M >CFM >HP >Price $1,395
Model HyVac 7L/M 79CFM 2.8HP 1/2Price $1,595
Model HyVac 14L/M 160CFM 5.6HP 1Price $1,895


Model L/M L/M HP Price
Model D2A L/M 62L/M 2.2HP 1/3Price $1,295
Model D4A L/M 127L/M 4.5HP 1/3Price $1,450
Model D4B L/M 96L/M 3.4HP 1/2Price $1,685
Model D8A L/M 198L/M 7HP 1Price $1,695
Model D16A L/M 400L/M 14.1HP 1Price $1,935
Model D30AL/M 760L/M 26.8HP 1 1/2Price $2,950
Model D60A L/M 1039L/M 36.7HP 2Price $3,785
Model D90A L/M 1556L/M 55HP 3Price $3,985
Model D8B L/M 194L/M 6.9HP 1/2Price $1,995
Model D16B L/M 379L/M 13.4HP 1Price $2,495
Model D25B L/M 591L/M 20.9HP 1 1/2Price $2,995
Model D25BCS L/M 591L/M 20.9HP 1 1/2Price $3,950
Model D40B L/M 920L/M 32.5HP 3Price $3,785
Model D40BCS L/M 920L/M 32.5HP 3Price $4,975
Model D65B L/M 1500L/M 53HP 3Price $5,495
Model D65BCSL/M 1500L/M 53HP 3Price $5,995
Model DK45 L/M 849L/M 30HP 3Price $2,995
Model DK50 L/M 906L/M 32HP 3Price $5,995
Model DK100 L/M 1924L/M 68HP 5Price $10,995
Model DK200 L/M 3735L/M 132HP 7 1/2Price $12,995
Model E75 L/M 1415L/M 50HP 3Price $3,650
Model E150 L/M 2830L/M 100HP 5Price $10,995
Model E250L/M 4830L/M 171HP 7 1/2Price $12,995



Model L/M CFM HP Price
Model DUO 1.5 L/M CFM 1.5HP Price $1,450
Model DUO 2.5L/M CFM 2.5HP .18 KW Price $1,550
Model DUO 5M L/M CFM 3.5HP .37 KW Price $1,850
Model DUO 10M L/M CFM 7.0HP Price $2,295
Model DUO 20M L/M CFM 14.25HP Price $3,995
Model DUO 35 L/M CFM 21.0HP 1.25 KW Price $3,750
Model DUO 65 L/M CFM 41.0HP 1.7 KW Price $4,995


Model L/M CFM HP Price
Model D25 L/M 25.5CFM 0.9HP 1/3 Price $1,395
Model D75 L/M 73.6CFM 2.6HP 1/3 Price $1,495
Model D150 L/M 150CFM 5.3HP 1/2Price $1,695
Model P100 L/M CFM 3.8HP Price $1,450
Model P200 L/M CFM 6.8HP Price $1,550
Model P300 L/M CFM 10.6HP Price $1,750
Model DD20 L/M CFM 0.7HP 1/8Price $995
Model DD90 L/M CFM 3.2HP 1/3Price $1,195
Model DD195 L/M CFM 7.0HP 1/3Price $1,595
Model DD310 L/M CFM 11.0HP 1/2Price $1,895


Model L/M CFM HP Price
Model 146H-10 L/M 849CFM 30HP 1 1/2Price $2,800
Model 146H-11 L/M 849CFM 30HP 1 1/2Price $2,800
Model 146H-13 L/M 849CFM 30HP 1 1/2Price $2,800
Model 146H-10 L/M 1415CFM 50HP 2Price $3,200
Model 149H-11 L/M 2264CFM 80HP 3Price $4,200
Model 212H-10 L/M 4245CFM 150HP 5Price $5,500
Model 412H-10 L/M 8490CFM 300HP 10Price $8,200
Model 412H-11 L/M 8490CFM 300HP 10Price $9,000
Model V-0172=-2 L/M 1038CFM 36.7HP 2Price $2,900
Model V-023-2 L/M 1556CFM 55HP 3Price $3,100


Model L/M CFM HP Price
Model KC3112 L/M CFM 3HP 1/3 Price $2,250
Model KC5 L/M CFM 5HP 1/3 Price $2,550
Model KC8 L/M CFM 8HP 1/2Price $2,950
Model KC15 L/M CFM 15HP 1.0Price $3,850
Model KD30 L/M CFM 33HP Price $4,995
Model KDH-130 L/M CFM 134HP 5Price $10,500
Model KTC-112 L/M 3170CFM 112HP 7 1/2Price $7,000
Model KDH-150 L/M 4245CFM 150HP 7 1/2Price $13,700
Model KT-150 L/M 4245CFM 150HP 7 1/2Price $9,500


Model L/M CFM HP Price
Model SD 91 L/M 107CFM 3.8HP 1/3Price $1,399
Model SD 201 L/M 191CFM 6.8HP 1/3Price $1,599
Model SD 301 L/M CFM 10.6HP 1/3Price $1,899
Model SD 451 L/M CFM 14.6HP 1/3Price $1,999
Model SD 90L/M 90CFM 3.2HP Price $1,195
Model SD 200 L/M 190CFM 7.0HP Price $1,595
Model SD 300 L/M 310CFM 11.0HP Price $1,895
Model SD 450 L/M CFM 16.0HP Price $1,995
Model SD 700 L/M CFM 24.0HP Price $2,795
Model SD 1400 L/M CFM 43.0HP Price $3,795
Model SD 2500 L/M CFM 85.0HP Price $6,400
Model DS 102 L/M CFM 4HP .55 KW Price $1,950
Model DS 202 L/M CFM 5.8HP .55 KW Price $2,100
Model DS 302 L/M CFM 10.0HP .55 KW Price $2,300
Model DS 402 L/M CFM 14.5HP .90 KW Price $2,785
Model DS 602 L/M CFM 21.4HP .90 KW Price $3,345
Model HS 602 L/M CFM HP Price Call for pricing


Model L/M CFM HP Price
Model 1399 L/M 35CFM 1.2HP 1/3 Price $1,595
Model 1400 L/M 25CFM 0.9HP 1/3 Price $1,635
Model 1400n L/M 25CFM 0.9HP 1/3 Price $1,995
Model 1405 L/M 60CFM 2.1HP 1/2Price $1,845
Model 1402L/M 160CFM 5.6HP 1/2Price $2,395
Model 1376 L/M 300CFM 10.6HP 1Price $2,995
Model 1397 L/M 500CFM 17.7HP 1Price $3,450
Model 1374 L/M 650CFM 23HP 1 1/2Price $3,550
Model 1375 L/M 1000CFM 35.4HP 2Price $4,950
Model 1398 L/M 1500CFM 53.1HP 3Price $5,275
Model 1395 L/M 200CFM 71HP 5Price $5,995
Model 1396 L/M 2800CFM 99.1HP 7 1/2Price $7,795

We also sell pumps by Adixen, Alcatel, Anest Iwata, BOC Edwards, Buchi, Busch Savant, Cenco, Edwards, Elnick, Gardner Denver/Adixen, Fisher, Fisher Maxima, Gardner Welch Vacuum, Hitachi, HyVac Products, Kinney Vacuum, KNF, Leybold Heraeus, Leybold Vacuum, Pfeiffer Vacuum, Precision Scientific, Rietchle, Sargent Welch, Stokes, Thermo Savant, Thomas, Trivac, Ulvac, Vacuubrand, Varian, Welch Dry Box, Welch Vacuum Technology.

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