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Preventative Maintenance Agreements

Eastern Scientific offers preventive maintenance contracts to extend the life of your vacuum pump and its associated system.

Our team of professionally trained technicians uses specially designed oil pump carts to remove contaminated oil from your pump without the mess of oil pans and containers.

vacuum pump and their associated system

Our Services

Our complete oil change service includes:

  • Removal of the old fluid
  • Flushing of the pump to remove contaminants
  • Monitoring oil condition and pressure
  • Charging the pump with proper fluid
  • Disposing of old oil
  • Inspect and change of V-Belts if needed
  • Catalog pump by serial number and location

Most customers who rely on Eastern Scientific’s Preventive Maintenance Program see an overall drop in annual repair costs. The flexibility of our staff to work either off-hours or on weekends will enable your researcher to have little or no downtime.

We can service 1 or 1,000 pumps – so call today for a free estimate.

Contact the Experts for Pump Repair Details