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Oil Mist Exhaust Filter (OMEF)

Eastern Scientific provides exhaust filters and their associated replacement elements. Our most common and economical filters will absorb the majority of your vacuum pumps exhaust fumes and have an easy to replace filter element.

Please call with your pump model and we will recommend the proper filter and connection for your particular application.

Assembly with Element
CFMCostReplacement ElementCost
OMEF - 34$175EF-3$55
OMEF - 54.5$185EF-5$75
OMEF - 77$195EF - 7$85
OMEF - 916$285EF - 9$115
OMEF - 1024$325EF -10$125
OMEF - 1116$355EF - 11$165
OMEF - 2044$455EF - 20$245
OMEF - 2455$495EF - 24$275


Mechanical Vacuum Pump Fluids

Eastern Scientific offers Vacuum Pump fluids to fulfill the needs of all vacuum applications.

DJ-19 Hydrocarbon1 gallon$40
DJ-19 Hydrocarbon5 gallon$175
DJ-19 Hydrocarbon1 case (4 gallons)$148
DJ-Elite Z (Synthetic)1 gallon$125
DJ-Elite Z (Synthetic)5 gallon pail$575
DJ-Elite Z (Synthetic)1 case (4 gallons)$475


Specialty oils are also available. Please call for a quote on the following fluids:

  • Krytox™ 1506 / Fomblin™ 06/6
  • Krytox™ 1514 / Fomblin™ 16/6
  • Krytox™ 1525 / Fomblin™ 25/6
  • Synthetic oils

Eastern Scientific also supplies filters for more chemically challenged applications that have both a mist and carbon odor element. Please contact us for further information.


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